I’m putting the finishing touches on my new office, and although it’s still in my house, it feels light years from where I’ve been. The change has gotten me thinking about the effect our surroundings have on our productivity and creativity.

{Full Disclosure: I am NOT a photographer, I think my iPhone is defective, I tried to make the shots perfect, and that’s not going to happen. Keepin’ it real.}

While designing my new space I wanted to create the type of environment that has connected with me over the last few years. In addition to having a home office, I’ve done co-working in several different spaces which yes, includes one or two Starbucks. What worked the best for me? Where did I feel super productive? What encouraged my inspiration and creativity? Re-painted furniture, gone dark to light. An enormous board to view design ideas and business goals. A couch for greater creativity (or napping). I can honestly say I’ve created the perfect space . . . for me. It might not be for everyone.

Why is this important? With all of the demands of our careers, shouldn’t we be as motivated, comfortable and quite frankly, HAPPY, in our workspace? The last few weeks for me have brought about great transformation; awesome new clients, more streamlined time management (thanks, Timely), clarified goal setting and overall love of where I’m creating. Anthropologie candles don’t hurt, either.

What is your workspace like? Does it matter to you? Good design can be found anywhere, and if it works for you, then it’s successful. I’d love to see your pictures and hear what helps you be your most productive.

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