These days, you can buy almost¬†anything on the internet. Cars. Breast milk. Even a logo. With some items, it may not be as important who you’re buying from, but when investing in a service, such as graphic design, it’s crucial to know who you’re working with.

I consistently hear of people turning to sites such as Fiverr or 99 Designs to procure graphic design services. And I get it; budgets are tight and they’re looking to stretch their dollars. Sometimes these scenarios have a happy ending, but more often than not, these projects end in frantic phone calls to an established professional to remedy a disaster. Some things I’ve heard:

” I can’t get my person to return my calls.”

” The project started off great, but now that I need revisions, I’m getting attitude.”

” I have to micro-manage every bit of the project. They can’t come up with ideas on their own.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

I do have clients outside of my South Florida sphere, but not many. The personal interaction and relationships I cultivate with my clients is as important to me as the design experience I provide. It’s honestly one of my biggest selling points. I don’t do every single meeting face-to-face, but certainly when a project is starting¬†or if the situation warrants a personal visit. And I love this part of my work because I’m a better designer when I’m connected to my clients. I know this pays off from the testimonials I request when a job is completed, such as this one and this one.

So look at your next design project as the investment it is. A cheap logo may turn into a costly nightmare if you don’t choose wisely from the get-go. Work with someone you know, whose talents align with your goals, and who can meet you for a cup of coffee to listen to what you really need.

Looking for that person? Send me an email me at or call 561.401.9461.