My older daughter is about six months into her first job after graduating college. It’s fast-paced, demanding and there are occasional celebrity sightings. She is doing well because she’s smart, responsible and a hard worker. I’d also like to believe it’s because deep within her, my husband and I instilled a good work ethic.

Why does this matter? Because there are plenty of others who can do what you do. That are smarter. More creative. Have wittier tweets. But if they’re not accountable, what does it matter?

You know how remarkable it feels when we get good customer service? Like after 25 minutes on the phone with someone pleasant, helpful and able to resolve an issue? This should be the norm in our work, but sadly is not. (Comcast, I’m talking to you.) One of the greatest differentiators between decent and extraordinary is simply doing more than what is expected. Yes, I realize this is a rather sad statement of how low our bar has fallen, but to make a name for yourself, your work, or your brand, use that bar as your jumping off point to higher ground. My daughter does this by arriving early, staying late, promptly responding to requests, taking initiative, making things easier for those she works with and having an overall great attitude, even on stressful days. It’s nearly impossible to fail if we follow this example.

I know my clients appreciate their returned phone calls, their deadlines being met and over-delivering on what was promised. And especially knowing once their project is in my hands, it will be successfully completed. So let’s collectively raise the bar. When we’re all doing our best work, everyone benefits. Greater good, and all that.

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