2016 has been a rewarding year for me at Sweet Boo Design. I worked with several new clients and was challenged and motivated in creative ways which brought exciting solutions.  I was kept busy with a variety of projects, some of which I’m sharing here with you. Not entirely sure how we can work together?
Take a look below.

Southern Booth and Equipment

Final.LogoDo you know that cars get spray-painted in specialized booths? And sometimes these specialized booths need to be repaired? Me, neither. That is, until I met Rob and Heather Carley and learned all about their business. It’s cool to discover all of the other professions and industries out there, that have nothing to do with what you know. So creating this brand for their business was fun AND educational. The fact that they’re really great people was just icing on the cake.


Lands’ End

LE.COVERSometimes, an unexpected and ridiculously exciting client comes your way. Don’t get me wrong; our team and I worked REALLY hard on a great proposal that landed us the gig. But it was ultra-cool to work on a report for Lands’ End, an iconic brand I’ve known forever.

Community Partners

FINAL.INFOGRAPHICInfographics are a dream for me. Taking information, usually statistical (boring) in nature, and designing something visually interesting and understandable is challenging but fun. Community Partners, a long-time client, offers many opportunities to explain how their life-changing work impacts our community.


Achieve Palm Beach County

AchieveCompositeWorking with a brand new organization is always exciting, but even more so when their mission creates such an impact. Achieve Palm Beach County was created with the vision that every Palm Beach County high school graduate completes a postsecondary credential within six-years of high school graduation that prepares them for a meaningful career with a sustainable wage. I loved creating their branding and informational brochure to introduce them to the community.


SuperGreen Solutions

Cover1Rebranding an existing company is always challenging, but giving SuperGreen Solutions their new look was a great experience from start to finish. SGS focuses on five key energy management types to simplify the energy buying process while offering products such as LED lighting, wind turbines, air and water purification systems, solar panels and energy efficient hot water heaters. Translating their new look to all of the brand’s pieces was a joy.


Logo design to annual reports. Full-scale rebranding, brochures, posters and infographics. If you’re interested in creating all kinds of professional materials to communicate YOUR message, call me at 561.401.9461 or email me here.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2017.