Each Tuesday, I start off with a beautiful plan in place. I wake early, do a few hours of work, and head to an 8:30 yoga class.  #blessed. #peaceful. Running my business, an hour to nourish my soul, then back to glorious design work, delivered by singing bluebirds to my adoring clients.

It might start this way, but often ends differently.

I have the purest of intentions at the start of each class. I sometimes high-five myself seven minutes in, when I’m still breathing mindfully. But it never lasts long enough. Did I respond to that email? What should I wear to the client meeting? Why is the music in the spin class next door so LOUD?

I used to get frustrated with myself for not making it through the entire class zenfully. I can be the opposite of namaste. But I’m trying, and here’s what I’ve learned:

• I can start my day over any time I want.

• Some days I slay my to-do list and others it taunts me.

• While working on being kind to others I must work doubly hard to be kind to myself.

• I can’t will myself to imagine your next great design, but it always arrives on time.

Pat yourself on the back. Realize that some days not setting yourself on fire may be your greatest accomplishment. Breathe. You’re doing just fine.

To talk yoga, design or communicating your next message, you can call me at 561.401.9461 or email me here.