I spent an afternoon last week making things with my hands. Thanks to the innovative and passionate folks behind Create Day, about 100 of us ditched our technology and got down with creating.

I’m talking hand-lettering. Macrame. Painting. There was even a typewriter in the corner. It was magical.

And here’s one of the coolest things that was reinforced to me that day: We are all creative. Yes, there were plenty of “creative professionals” in attendance. You know who else was there? Realtors. Business owners. A university president. Joy emanated from everyone in the room because we were all in touch with parts of ourselves that don’t see enough daylight. High fives rippled through the room as we rejoiced in each others’ and our own mini-masterpieces. There was general agreement that it was an afternoon for the record books; one to be repeated.

Just because you don’t make a living as a creative professional doesn’t mean you are not creative. It’s truly in all of us, even if it’s dormant. I have several paintings in my home from my father-in-law, a career military veteran who flexed his creative muscles late in life. Who knew the beautiful images hidden inside?¬†One of my daughters, a pre-vet major who excels at things I’ll never understand like organic chemistry and physics, can make exquisite boxes out of paper and hand-letter like nobody’s business. And the rewards are two-fold: we are energized when we create and those around us benefit from our efforts.

So go do something creative today. Get some beautiful beads and make a bracelet. Write a blog post or a letter to a friend. Paint a piece of furniture. The time you’re unplugged and in touch with just making something will restore your soul.

Let’s share what we make. Post pictures on my Facebook page or email me your experiences¬†here. Or if you just want to chat about creative ideas, call me at 561-401-9461.