April has been a great month for Sweet Boo Design. Not just that I’ve been busy, but busy with juicy projects. Like this one and this one, too. Creative, impactful and fun.

We all know it’s not always like this. Whether you work for yourself or get a steady paycheck from someone else, we all go through “those” phases.

One of these is not enough work. You know, where you (if you’re self-employed) kick yourself for the pro/con list that got you here in the first place. Or you spend your day at the office trolling You Tube and Facebook with one hand on the minimize screen button. Either scenario, those days are the WORST.¬†

The other type is work that is just, well . . . work. It pays the bills, it passes the time, but it doesn’t excite. Sometimes we can do these projects in our sleep, oftentimes we long for a wee bit of stress (honestly, it makes the day go by faster), but mostly we feel our talents are being under-utilized. These days might be worse, unless you’re in a Sudafed-induced trance that can’t handle anything above minor revisions. It’s all in the perspective.

No matter what our profession, we will have all of these days, and embracing them and knowing they don’t last serves us well. I know that I’m excited when my creativity is required at full throttle, but equally grateful when the other projects are in front of me. They all serve a purpose.

What projects excite you? What tedious tasks do you secretly love doing? Post pictures on my Facebook page or email me your experiences here. Or if you just want to chat about creative ideas, call me at 561-401-9461.