Hi. I’m Cheryl and I’m a type junkie.

The truth is, I have no problem admitting this. From my first graphic design class I have loved looking at, reading about and designing with type. X-heights, leading and kerning interest me. I emailed the editor of my college magazine to tell her how much I loved the new font. Letters are beautiful, and subtle distinctions make all the difference.

I’m well aware that most people are rather oblivious to the typography they come across on a daily basis, and many simply choose whatever default is on their computer. Think Helvetica, Times Roman, or {{{shudder}}} Comic Sans. There are actual articles in the design industry about what is wrong with Comic Sans, yet people still choose this font. 

Just like beautiful shoes, you can never have enough fonts. Sure, there are the ridiculous (here) and the unreadable (here). But what about the beauty of this? I mean, how do you not swoon over this?

I may have lost some of you by now, but I want to stress how important your type choice is in your communication pieces. Serif vs. sans serif? Script vs. all caps? Like color, these choices can literally make or break their success. At the outset, an unattractive or inappropriate choice can be a distraction. At the most basic level, unreadability is a deal-breaker.  

Do you have favorite fonts? Could you care less about what you settle on in your daily use? Please post your thoughts on my Facebook page or email me your thoughts here.