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“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”


The 2017 Gratitude Edition.

Like many of you, I focused quite a bit last week on my blessings throughout the Thanksgiving celebration. In the tradition of David Letterman, I decided to share my Top 10 reasons for #gratitude. 1. MY FAMILY. I know, everyone is. But seriously. My husband,... read more

After The Aftermath Of Irma.

Are you back to a normal routine yet? Here in South Florida, it’s been an odd month. Due to advances in meteorology, we knew Irma was coming for what felt like forever. Our shutters were up for THREE DAYS before she arrived. Then the 24-7 news (I’ll admit... read more

Show And Tell.

You remember this scenario: it’s Tuesday morning in second grade, and it’s finally your turn. YOUR TURN. You’ll get to show the entire class your _____________ (old penny found at the beach, T-shirt Grandma brought you from Spain, nose flute you... read more

What Type Are You?

Hi. I’m Cheryl and I’m a type junkie. The truth is, I have no problem admitting this. From my first graphic design class I have loved looking at, reading about and designing with type. X-heights, leading and kerning interest me. I emailed the editor of my... read more

Work. Good Work. Great Work.

April has been a great month for Sweet Boo Design. Not just that I’ve been busy, but busy with juicy projects. Like this one and this one, too. Creative, impactful and fun. We all know it’s not always like this. Whether you work for yourself or get a... read more

We Are All Creative.

I spent an afternoon last week making things with my hands. Thanks to the innovative and passionate folks behind Create Day, about 100 of us ditched our technology and got down with creating. I’m talking hand-lettering. Macrame. Painting. There was even a... read more

The Opposite of Namaste.

Each Tuesday, I start off with a beautiful plan in place. I wake early, do a few hours of work, and head to an 8:30 yoga class.  #blessed. #peaceful. Running my business, an hour to nourish my soul, then back to glorious design work, delivered by singing bluebirds to... read more

Sweet Boo: The Year in Review

2016 has been a rewarding year for me at Sweet Boo Design. I worked with several new clients and was challenged and motivated in creative ways which brought exciting solutions.  I was kept busy with a variety of projects, some of which I’m sharing here with you.... read more

Exceed Expectations.

My older daughter is about six months into her first job after graduating college. It’s fast-paced, demanding and there are occasional celebrity sightings. She is doing well because she’s smart, responsible and a hard worker. I’d also like to believe... read more

Who Are You Working With?

These days, you can buy almost anything on the internet. Cars. Breast milk. Even a logo. With some items, it may not be as important who you’re buying from, but when investing in a service, such as graphic design, it’s crucial to know who you’re... read more